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What are some of the common problems found when inspecting pool fences?

  • Gates do not self-close and self latch from all points (including resting against the latch).

  • The height of the fence is less than 1200mm.

  • Adjoining boundary fences have rails in the pool enclosure that are climbable.

  • Climbable objects near the pool enclosure.

  • Windows opening into a pool area have more than a 100mm gap.

  • Gaps greater than 100mm below the bottom rail of the fence.

Do I have to be at home when the pool is inspected?

While we prefer owners to be available when the pool is inspected there is no requirement. Whilst we love dogs and kids there are two things that we ask if you are not home. Firstly there are no unattended children and secondly that your dog is locked up while we are on site.

What happens after the inspection?

If your pool barrier complies with the current legislation we will issue a pool safety certificate and post it to you.

If there is work to be done, unless it can be completed in 2 days, we are required to issue a nonconformity notice. This notice (the Form 26) explains how the pool does not comply and what must be done to comply with the new standards. If there are several areas of the barrier that need to be addressed we will often draw a plan of the pool that shows where the problems are. This leaves our customers 'ALL CLEAR' about what should be done and where to do it prior to the re-inspection.

How long have I got to make any necessary changes?

We are required to re-inspect the pool within 90 days of the initial inspection.